THE WEB VERSION IS KIND OF BUGGY! I recommend to use the downloads.

This point-and-click adventure sidescroller is made by me alone in 48 hours for the Ludum Dare 36 Compo. It is completed and has an ending but no music (didn't have time left). The sounds are a bit laggy because of an engine bug back then (except for the linux version which I reexported since it got fixed).

The game uses the version 2.1 of Godot Engine ( The whole project folder is located under, if you are interested. The Ludum Dare page of this game is

The "Compo"-versions are the original ones I submitted.The "Fixed"-versions have a little bugfixed, where I forgot to include a graphic for an item. I recommend using this version.


Roby Robot 1.0.1 (Fixed) Windows 15 MB
Roby Robot 1.0.1 (Fixed) Mac OS 18 MB
Roby Robot 1.0 (Compo) Windows 15 MB
Roby Robot 1.0 (Compo) Mac OS 18 MB
RobyRobotLinux_1.0.1 (Fixed) 10 MB


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Hmm you are right. Doesn't work for me too. That's weird. I guess it is caused by Windows (which I developed on back then) not zipping properly... It worked on windows if I remember correctly.

Anyway, I'll upload a new one if you want to try again.

I found your game through Godot forum, and tried the Linux version, but I couldn't even unzip it. The game inside might run, I couldn't test it.

I downloaded the Windows version to test under wine, but it crashes before starting.