THE WEB VERSION IS KIND OF BUGGY! I recommend to use the downloads.

This is the game that I made for Ludum Dare 37 together with Dr_Ewes, who mainly made the music and wrote most of the dialogue texts. Most of the graphics and all of the scripting is made by me. The game sadly has nearly no sounds because I was running out of time and the used engine had a bug back then which caused huge audio lag. For the same reason, the level is messy and has not much structure.However, it is a full adventure and you can play through it (although it doen't make that much sense xD).

The game uses a self compiled version of Godot Engine ( with some private patches. The whole project folder is located under, if you are interested. It should work with the default binaries of Godot. The LudumDare page of this game is

This is developed under Linux, so Windows versions are untested.

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Published106 days ago
PlatformsWindows, Linux, HTML5
TagsLudum Dare 37


lastintime_1.0_64.exe (61 MB)
lastintime_1.0_x11 (41 MB)